Evaluation Committee

Chair: Theresa Rickelman DO, FAOCA


  • Paul E. Gray, II, DO, FAOCA

  • Raymond Sohn, DO, FAOCA

  • Toni Patterson, DO, FAOCA


The Evaluating Committee is charged with ensuring training standards for anesthesiology and will help promote osteopathic beliefs in residency programs and nurture DOs.The Committee will at all times cooperate with the Evaluating Committee of the American Osteopathic Association and remain in compliance with their procedures. The Evaluating Committee shall plan, develop, implement and evaluate the education activities of the College. The Committee shall review and make recommendations for the creation and revision of competency-based curriculum goals and objectives as needed. The Committee shall address areas of non-compliance with ACGME standards. 

The Evaluating Committee shall review the program annually using confidential evaluations by faculty, residents, and others. The Committee shall be responsible for the conduct of annual in-service examinations of residents.

The Committee will identify new residency program opportunities, develop methods for individuals/institutions to become qualified program directors or offer osteopathic track training programs, and develop support tools for these.