Membership Committee

Co-Chairs: Grace Liu, DO, FAOCA and Robert Vandergraaf, DO, FAOCA

Marvina Amerson, DO, FAOCA
Helen Bean, DO, FAOCA
Irwin Brown, DO, FAOCA
Dana Darwish, DO
Allan Escher, DO, FAOCA
Martin Laskey, DO, FAOCA
David Paul, DO, FAOCA

Strategy: Engage 
AOCA builds dynamic, engaged, and inclusive membership which sustains the growth and reflects the values of the College. 

Committee Mission: Engagement  

  • Advocate for current member needs 
  • Provide feedback to other committee
  • Engage with potential future members 

Committee Mission:  Recruitment/Retention 

  • Recruit potential active members 
  • Reviewing skill sets (CVs and current members) 
  • Monitor the retention of current members 
  • Support the students/residents task force


  • Strong interest to help build membership of AOCA 
  • Collaborative approach to ensuring members are well-vetted 
  • Clear understanding of the value of AOCA membership 
  • Willingness to represent AOCA and its members during interactions with new and prospective members 
  • Ability to make phone calls to members and prospective members 
  • Desire to advance the mission of AOCA 

Time Commitment
Committee members serve a one-year term (renewable for up to three additional one-year terms) and are expected to fully participate in meetings and conference calls as scheduled-generally 4 calls per year.  This committee also conducts one in-person meetings (at the Annual Convention). Attendance is essential and expected of all committee members.  Attendance at the Mid Year Seminar and Annual Conference strongly encouraged.