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Instructions to Complete On-line Membership Registration

The membership process is easy and comprises of 5 steps:
  1. Select your current or desired member type from the list below. This selection is provided for you on the lower part of this page.
  2. Create a username for your account and enter your first name and last name. If you are a renewing member this will access your membership details which you can modify on subsequent screens.
  3. Confirm your Membership Dues Level. Your selected membership level will be displayed and the appropriate dues indicated. 
  4. Complete the Member Details Information Form. Some details are optional whereas others are required. If you submit the form without the required fields completed you will be re-directed back to the form and the unfilled responses will be identified at the top of the form.
  5. Complete the Billing Information and Submit. Remember that your registration is not complete without paying your member dues.

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