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Committee Members
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2017 - 2018 Committee Appointments
Ad-Hoc Committee on Military Member Recruitment
Robert C. Vandergraaf, D.O., FAOCA (Chair)
Robert J. Blok, D.O., FAOCA
Willard Chamberlin, D.O., FAOCA
Ashley M. Classen, D.O., FAOCA
Michael Fish, D.O.
Craig Jones, D.O.
Christi Sherman, D.O.

Keith Smith, D.O., FAOCA

Ad Hoc Committee on National Network of Anesthesiology Interest Groups at COMs
Marvina Amerson, D.O.
Jonathan Easterwood, D.O.
Brett Groff, D.O.
Jerome Huebsch, D.O.
Richard Mahon, D.O.
Daniel Neubauer, D.O.
Megan Rodgers-McCormick, D.O.
Frederick P. Russek, Jr., D.O.
Benjamin Schrant, D.O.
Wade Sewell, D.O., FAOCA


Awards and Honors
Suzanne Huffnagle, D.O., FAOCA (Chair)
Robert C. Vandergraaf, D.O., FAOCA (Board Liaison)
Sandy Cifor, D.O., FAOCA
Ashley M. Classen, D.O., FAOCA
H. Jane Huffnagle, D.O., FAOCA
John Maydak, D.O., FAOCA
Robert Snyder, D.O., FAOCA
Irving Ward, D.O., FAOCA


Resident Scientific Paper Review
Susanne Huffnagle, D.O., FAOCA (Chair)
Sandy Cifor, D.O., FAOCA
Dale Edwards, D.O., FAOCA
Jon M. Furbee, D.O.
James Griffin, D.O.
H. Jane Huffnagle, D.O., FAOCA
Curby Jenkins, D.O., FAOCA
Robert McMurtrie, D.O., FAOCA
Tanya Schnell, D.O.
Anie Somaiya, D.O.
James Arsott, D.O., (Chair)
Martin Laskey, D.O. FAOCA (Board Liaison)
George Arcos, D.O., FAOCA
Robert Bricker, D.O.
Cameron Cartier, D.O.
Joseph Castle, D.O.
Deborah Coates, D.O., FAOCA
Edmundo Delgado, D.O.
Dale Edwards, F.O., FAOCA
Margaret Negrete, D.O.
Paul Paik, D.O.
Evaluating Committee
Raymond G. Sohn, D.O., FAOCA (Chair)
Paul E. Gray, II, D.O., FAOCA
Toni Patterson, D.O., FAOCA
Theresa Rickelman, D.O., FAOCA
Finance Committee
David Ninan, D.O., FAOCA (Chair)
Thomas Costello, D.O., FAOCA (Board Liaison)
Mark Fallows, D.O., FAOCA
Thomas Gemma, D.O., FAOCA
Membership Committee
Ursula Landman, D.O., FAOCA (Chair)
Wayne Prokott, D.O., FAOCA (Board Liaison)
Irwin Brown, D.O.
Kevin Bur, D.O.
Richard Hughes, D.O.
David Jabs, D.O.
Curby Jenkins, D.O., FAOCA
John Kouvaras, D.O.
Paul Mausling, D.O., FAOCA
Richard McCormick, D.O.
Roger Misasi, D.O.
Scott M. Placeway, D.O., FAOCA
Tanya Schnell, D.O.
Heather Stampfl, D.O.
David Wallace, D.O.
Maeghan Whitley, D.O. 
Professional Education
Jennifer Hargrave, D.O., FAOCA
Telianne Chon, D.O.
Jon Easterwood, D.O.
Dale Edwards, D.O., FAOCA
Brad Low, D.O., FAOCA
Melissa Miller, D.O.
Nitesh Mody, D.O.
Travis Sayer, D.O., FAOCA
Wade Sewell, D.O., FAOCA
Anie Somaiya, D.O.
Neera Tewari, D.O., FAOCA
Todd Patterson, D.O., 2017 Mid-Year Seminar (Chicago, IL)
James Griffin, D.O., 2017 Annual Convention Chair (Miami, FL)
Matt Cohen, D.O., 2018 Mid-Year Seminar Chair (Chicago, IL)
Dan Liu, D.O., 2018 Annual Convention Chair (San Diego, CA)
Brett Groff, D.O., 2019 Mid-Year Seminar Co-chair (Chicago, IL)
Russ Miller, D.O., 2019 Mid-Year Seminar Co-chair (Chicago, IL)

(TBD), 2019 Annual Convention Chair (Philadelphia, PA)


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