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Program Chair
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So you are interested or have already been asked (and accepted) being a Program Chair for an AOCA meeting.  Why else would you come to this page?

This is a commitment.  But it is manageable with the tools on this page, the support of the Professional Education Committee Chair, its members, and your meetings previous Program Chair.  In other words, if you are doing the 2018 Annual Convention and Conclave, the 2017 Annual Program Chair serves as your mentor.  Plus the AOCA office staff and Well Assembled Meetings, our meeting planners are at your disposal.  Lean on them as much as you need.  Here are the resources at your disposal

Main Resources

Program Chair Guidebook  (This is your primary source.)

Planning Core Competencies into CME Programs  (Helps when completing the AOCA/AOA spreadsheets).

Annual Convention Timeline

MidYear Seminar Timeline

Past Speakers List

CME Requirements by State

OCC Module Schedule

Policy and Procedures

Speaker Reimbursement Policy

Anchor Speaker Policy

Special Events, Lectures, Programs Policy - (Workshops, Simulation Lab, Field Trips/Excursions)

AOA Specialty Credit Policy


Speaker Acceptance/Contract/Disclosure Forms

Annual  Convention Spreadsheet (AOCA/AOA) version

MidYear Seminar Spreadsheet (AOCA/AOA) version

AOA Specialty Credit Template

Request to AOA for AOA President, Executive Director, and/or Officers to speak at meeting

Other Resources

AOA Guide for Osteopathic Physicians (2016-2018)

AOCA Education page on the website.

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