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Speaker Reimbursement Policy
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The purpose of the Speaker Reimbursement Policy is to develop an all-inclusive, standard honorarium for each speaker (member or non-member) of $1,000.00 with an additional $250.00 for each extra lecture.  Should more than one (1) speaker present, the lecture honorarium shall be split equally amongst the number of speakers (i.e. 2 speakers = $500 each; 3 speakers = $333.33 each, etc.)  These fees shall be paid to the speaker with a 1099 for reportable income.  All speakers receiving an honorarium shall provide a completed 1099 with tax information and a valid address.

Neither residents nor moderators shall receive any honorarium or expense allowance.

This policy shall provide guidance to the Program Chair of the CME meetings for budgeting purposes. This policy shall be implemented with the Winter Conference 2015.  This policy also does NOT preclude the Program Chair from a more expensive speaker but the process to approve these exceptions will be for Program Chair to discuss with PEC Committee and/or PEC Chair then it would go to Board of Governors for vote.  The overall speaker expense should never exceed the number of credits offered multiplied by $1,000 (i.e. 24 CMEs = $24,000).

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