Single Accreditation (ACGME)

There is a lot of information out there regarding the decision made on July 1, 2015, by the AOA, AACOM, & ACGME to begin the transition to a single accreditation system (SAS) for graduate medical education.  This page is an attempt by the AOCA to be a clearinghouse for interested parties, most especially Students, Residents and Residency Program Directors. 

To make sure that most current information is being provided, we are providing links from the various involved parties (AOA, AACOM, and ACGME).  Utilizing these links will ensure you are reviewing up to date information.

For Students & Residents:

AOA – Single GME Accreditation System provides the general overview and is a great starting point.

AOA – Student & Trainees Information begins to get more specific.

AACOM – Single GME Accreditation

AACOM – SAS Student Central is an excellent resource for Students, as well as, Residents.
AACOM – Student FAQs

AOBA/ABMS – Board Certification during transition to SAS (page 1) is where you will find AOBA/ABMS comparison.

AOA Recognition for ACGME Training outlines current acceptance.

ACGME – Anesthesiology provides valuable insight on what residents can expect during their residency.

ACGME Documents:  Case Log Changes, Peds Minimums, other information & Resource.

For Program Directors:

AOA – Accreditation Processes is one stop center for Program Directors.  Here you will find much of what you need, as well as, contact information for when you need HELP or have QUESTIONS.

ACGME – Single GME Accreditation System this is the one stop shop for Program Directors who are in the process of completing an application or getting updates after approval.

ACGME – Anesthesiology will provide information about what is required to be accredited.  Also has contact information for Anne Gravel Sullivan, who can provide direction and clarity on the process and application itself. 

AOA & ACGME – Program Directors Guide is the slidedeck of Anne Gravel Sullivan’s presentation to AOCA Program Directors in Summer 2015.

ACGME – Program Status – Where programs stand?


For All:

Osteopathic Recognition