Timothy D. Ernst Scholarship

The Timothy D. Ernst’s Memorial Scholarship is designated to provide residents with an opportunity to attend the AOCA Annual Convention.  Dr. Timothy D. Ernst had a passion for education and always strived to help and mentor the residents.  Dr. Ernst wanted to provide a way to carry on his legacy, and thus, a scholarship was set up to facilitate his wishes.

 When the crew learned Dr. Ernst would start chemo treatments, they decided to surprise him by shaving their heads too.  Levi Kelly, one of the Kirksville Anesthesia Associate CRNA’s, along with some others, came up with the idea. That idea spread, and by the end of the day, there were O.R. nurses, staff, surgeons, residents and medical students with the same “haircut.”  Missing from the picture were Theresa Rickelman, the other owner, who also shaved her head, and Ben Schrant, an employee at the time and now one of the partners.

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