World-class education is the cornerstone of AOCA.

Throughout the year, AOCA curates powerful educational offerings for those who want to hone their professional knowledge. With accredited CME programs, we provide unparalleled opportunities for enhanced individual achievement, peer relationships and candid idea exchanges. AOCA events are intimate—our education is curated for practitioners to engage with the best and brightest minds, allowing for deeper learning and thought-provoking conversations.

AOCA offers unparalleled opportunities for building connections and community with people who share your experience.

AOCA provides enriching professional and personal experiences that spark new wisdom, inspire new friendships and nurture your passion for medicine. Through education, peer relationships and candid idea exchange, AOCA members foster close relationships and have opportunities for leadership growth.

AOCA honors our osteopathic roots.

While the differences between DO and MD anesthesiologists are minimal in everyday practice, the osteopathic ethos means we do not treat pain in a vacuum, but rather treat the whole patient in everything we do. AOCA honors our roots to drive conversations and advocacy on behalf of our community and patients, both inside and outside of the operating room.