Awards & Honors Committee

Chair: Suzanne Huffnagle, DO, FAOCA


  • Sandra Cifor, DO, FAOCA

  • Ashley Classen, DO, FAOCA

  • H. Jane Huffnagle, DO, FAOCA

  • John Maydak, DO, FAOCA

  • Robert Snyder, DO, FAOCA

  • Robert Vandergraaf, DO, FAOCA

  • Irving Ward, DO, FAOCA


The Awards & Honors Committee oversees the process for becoming a Fellow of the AOCA. They review applicants and nominations for the College’s various awards (Timothy Ernst Scholarship and Arnold P. Gold Award) and provide recommendations to the Board of Governors for final approval.


Strong interest in reviewing Fellow nominations

Collaborative approach to ensuring appropriate nominees are presented to the Board of Governors

Clear understanding of the value of AOCA Fellowship

Desire to advance the mission of AOCA

Time Commitment 

Committee members serve a two-year term (renewable for an additional second two-year term) and are expected to fully participate in meetings and conference calls as scheduled. Typically, this committee’s work is in the first, second, and third quarters of the year. Much of their work is conducted via email. This committee may conduct in person meetings as needed at the Mid Year and Annual Conventions. Attendance is essential and expected of all committee members.  Attendance at the Mid Year Seminar and Annual Conference strongly encouraged.