Finance & Budget Committee

Chair: Jeffrey V. Kyff, DO, FAOCA


  • David J. Ninan, DO, FAOCA

  • James Griffin, DO, FAOCA

  • Jennifer Hargrave, DO, FAOCA

  • Jessica Goeller, DO, FAOCA

  • Robert C. Vandergraaf, DO, FAOCA

Non-Voting Members:

  • Julie Kahlfeldt, Executive Director

  • Julie Vissers, Well Assembled Meetings

  • Sam Feldbaum, Rockwood Wealth Management


The Finance & Budget Committee reviews monthly financial reports of the College and reports to the Board of Governors suggestions concerning the overall financial health of the College. The Finance Committee develops the budget in conjunction with AOCA staff. The Committee oversees the investments of the College in conjunction with professional investment advisors. 



Strong interest in helping preserve the financial health of the AOCA

Collaborative approach to ensuring finances are in order and budget is managed

Clear understanding of finances/financial reporting

Desire to advance the mission of AAOE 


Time Commitment 

Committee members serve a two-year term (renewable at the discretion of the President) and are expected to fully participate in monthly conference calls.  This committee may conduct in person meetings as needed at the Mid Year and Annual Conventions.  Attendance is essential and expected of all committee members.  Attendance at the Mid Year Seminar and Annual Conference strongly encouraged.