Professional Education Committee


Jennifer Hargrave, DO, FOACA & Jessica Goeller, DO, FAOCA


  • Marvina Amerson, DO

  • Helen Bean, DO

  • Telianne Chon, DO, FAOCA

  • Ashley Classen, DO

  • Matt Cohen, DO

  • Dana Darwish, DO

  • Raymond Depa, DO

  • Jonathan Easterwood, DO, FAOCA

  • Dale Edwards, DO, FAOCA

  • Michael Fish, DO

  • Karen Flotildes Romo, DO, FAOCA

  • Joseph George, DO

  • Jessica Goeller, DO

  • James F. Griffin, DO, FAOCA

  • Brett E. Groff, DO, FAOCA

  • Kristen Holler, DO

  • Dan Liu, DO

  • Rebecca Margolis, DO, FAOCA

  • Celia Maneri, DO, FAOCA

  • Nitesh Mody, DO

  • Daniel Neubauer DO

  • Todd Patterson, DO, FAOCA

  • David Paul, DO

  • Travis Sayer, DO

  • Anie Somaiya, DO

  • Neera Tewari DO FAOCA

  • Irving Ward, DO, FAOCA


The Pro Ed Committee provides oversight for the educational mission of the College relating to accreditation guidelines, conflict of interest issues, and member needs. This includes the review and approval of all CME activity elements (program, faculty, schedule, etc.), monitoring of program sessions, and recommendations for the development of new content.


Strong interest in helping to build the educational content of the AOCA

Collaborative approach to ensuring educational offerings are well vetted and meet the ever changing needs of College members

Clear understanding of content and program design

Willingness to recommend speakers and moderators

Desire to advance the mission of the AOCA

Time Commitment

Committee members serve a three-year term (renewable for an additional second three-year term) and are expected to fully participate in meetings and conference calls as scheduled – generally 6 calls per year.  This committee also conducts two in-person meetings (one at the Mid Year Seminar and one at the Annual Convention). Attendance is essential and expected of all committee members.  Attendance at the Mid Year Seminar and Annual Conference strongly encouraged.

Scholarly Activities Sub-Committee