Audit Committee

Chair: Jeffrey Kyff, DO, FAOCA


  • Michael O'Connor, DO, FAOCA

  • Gerald Hale, DO, FAOCA

  • Theresa Rickelman, DO, FAOCA


The newest College committee, the Audit Committee is responsible for the College’s professional audit and subsequent reviews.


Strong interest in the College’s financial health

Collaborative approach to managing the audit process

Clear understanding of the College’s financial position

Ability to critically review RFPs from audit companies, and make an informed recommendation to the Board of Governors

Ability to read and interpret final Audit Report

Desire to advance the mission of AOCA 

Time Commitment 

Committee members serve a three-year term (renewable at the discretion of the President) and are expected to fully participate in meetings and conference calls as scheduled. Typically, this committee’s work is the first and second quarters of the year. This committee meets by conference call.  Attendance is essential and expected of all committee members. Attendance at the Mid Year Seminar and Annual Conference strongly encouraged.