C M Esterline Lecture

This lecture series was established in 1979 by the Board of Governors in tribute to Crawford Myles-Esterline, D.O., past president and secretary of the American Osteopathic College of Anesthesiologists during the organization, founding and growth of the College.

Award Recipients

2023     George Mychaskiw, DO
2022     Rebecca Margolis, DO, FAOCA
2021     Jonathan Douglas Jaffe, D.O.
2020     Stephanie Davidson, D.O., FASA
2019     Award Not Given
2018     Award Not Given
2017     Award Not Given
2016     Jeremy L. Krock, D.O. FAOCA
2015     Paul E. Gray, II, D.O., FAOCA
2014     Raymond G. Sohn, D.O., FAOCA
2013     Toni R. Patterson, D.O., FAOCA
2011     Sandra M. Cifor, D.O.
2010     Ashley Classen, D.O.
2009     Paul Jones, D.O.
2008     Joseph R.N. Thomas, D.O.
2007     Mark W. Newman, D.O.
2006     Robert M. Landfried, D.O.
2005     Award Not Given
2004     David A. Bitonte, D.O.
2002     Charles W. Chance, D.O.
2001     Robert L. Snyder
2000     M. Adele King, D.O.
1999     Tom K. Pence, D.O.
1998     Richard C. Wiltse, D.O.
1997     Gordon A. McClimans, D.O.
1996     Frank A. Wendling, D.O.
1995     Larry E. Davis, D.O.
1994     Bruce E. Weaver, D.O.
1993     Douglas M. Goldsmith, D.O.
1992     Bert M. Bez, D.O.
1991     Marshall E. Lowry, D.O.
1990     John J. Heiser, D.O.
1989     Louis A. Kovacs, D.O.
1988     Henry W. Witte, D.O.
1987     Mahlon L. Ponitz, D.O.
1986     Mary Lou Butterworth, D.O.
1985     Boris E. Traven, D.O.
1984     John E. P. Burns, D.O.
1983     Paul A. Stern, D.O.
1982     K. George Tomajan, D.O.
1981     Hyman Kahn, D.O.
1980     A. A. Mannarelli, D.O.