Fellows of the AOCA (FAOCA)

Meet the AOCA Fellows

Fellow status is earned through active participation in both the profession and the organization. A potential candidate is nominated by an existing Fellow. The nomination and nominee's CV are circulated to the Awards and Honors Committee for review and determination. 

The hooding ceremony occurs at the Annual Convention during the Conclave. At that time each recipient receives a plaque, medallion and lapel pin honoring their achievements. After the Conclave ceremony, these individuals are permitted to include the letters, F.A.O.C.A. after their degree.

 Steps, Process & Timeline   

  1. Existing Fellow nominates a potential candidate. Candidate Packets should be sent to Awards & Honors Committee Chair at the AOCA Office ([email protected]).

  2. What to include in the Candidate’s packet?
    1. Nominee’s Curriculum Vitae
    2. Nominating Letter from sponsoring Fellow
      1. Explain why Fellow honor should be bestowed upon the candidate.
      2. Any other information you want to share on the candidate’s background/character.
    3. Complete Points Worksheet – (hover over and click the colored link to the left) 35 points minimum for consideration.
Any questions, please contact the Awards & Honors Committee Chair and/or the AOCA office.