2021 Award and Honors Recipients

In recognition of meritorious service to the AOCA, the College is honored to announce the 2021 Fellows of the American Osteopathic College of Anesthesiologists (FAOCA).

Helen Bean, DO

Nominated By: David Ninan, DO, FAOCA

Denton Davenport, DO 

Nominated By: Telianne Chon, DO, FAOCA and Jessica Goeller, DO, FAOCA

Jefferson Kyle Dryden, DO

Nominated By: Jennifer Hargrave, DO, FAOCA

Karen Flotildes Romo, DO
Nominated By: Rebecca Margolis, DO, FAOCA

It is the distinct pleasure of the College to announce the 2021 Timothy D. Ernst Memorial Scholarship recipient. This scholarship award honors a resident who demonstrates outstanding scholarship, leadership, and commitment to the osteopathic profession.

John Carter, DO

Ohio Health: Doctor's Hospital

Nominated By: George McKean, DO