Vision Statement 

AOCA is the professional home for physician anesthesiologists, advancing and promoting the distinctive philosophy and practice of osteopathic anesthesiology. 

Mission Statement

AOCA is the primary resource for clinical education and professional development for physician anesthesiologists, and facilitates networking, advocates, and promotes the practice of osteopathic anesthesiology. 

AOCA builds a dynamic, engaged, and inclusive membership which sustains the growth and reflects the values of the College. 

AOCA equips physician anesthesiologists with evidence-based content and professional development tools to grow, enhance, and advance their careers. 

AOCA is a community of key and emerging leaders who advance osteopathic anesthesiology and advocate on behalf of physician anesthesiologists and their patients.


AOCA develops the culture and leadership of the College’s board and volunteer members to become strategic, innovative, and diverse 

Guiding Principles

Principles that the AOCA incorporates into their programs, products, services, and overall organizational culture.


AOCA is transparent regarding AOCA’s financial status and fiduciary accountability while investing in strategic initiatives that are aligned with the strategic plan.


AOCA provides crucial, relevant, and regular communication to the AOCA community to provide and encourage engagement.


AOCA encourages a culture that supports the osteopathic principles of equality and inclusion.

AOCA Bylaws

As amended and approved by member vote in June 2021. View the bylaws here.