Dr. A.T. Still: Through the Eyes of Ernest E. Tucker, D.O. (Patient, Student and Faculty)

By: Jason Haxton, M.A., D.O. (h.c.)

As a young adult, Ernest E. Tucker first met A.T. Still in 1898 as a patient, due to a medical condition of vision impairment caused by a college football injury.  After a few months and successful treatment, Dr. Still foretold that Ernest Tucker would be returning as a student.  Osteopathy as a career choice was definitely not in Ernest Tucker's life plan.


Suicide Prevention as a Workplace Health and Safety Issue
Frank King

A suicide occurs every 11 minutes in the United States. These incidents touch every industry. However, some industries that have felt the impact of suicide in recent years—construction, extraction, mining, fishing, farming, forestry, and wait for it…healthcare.


Leading Others with Style

Scott J. Allen, Ph.D.

In the game of golf, a person has several clubs that can be used, depending on their location on the course. In his HBR article Daniel Goleman (2000) suggested that the leadership styles presented in this short article are like metaphorical golf clubs. There are seven basic styles or approaches an individual can use when leading others.


Psychiatric Patients Need Care, Too!

Lynne Boone, DO

This is a recap of the psychiatry lecture at the annual meeting, in which we discussed how to address the multi-faceted needs of psychiatric patients.  It is important to better understand this population, as the presence of a psychiatric comorbidity is independently associated with an increased risk of morbidity and mortality. 1


Staying healthy in the time of COVID
Editorial, Ursula Landman, DO, FAOCA

Some thoughts regarding our life now in the time of COVID-19

Many of us are busy working and taking care of COVID-19 patients in our daily practice .  We have fears because we are only human .  We do not want to bring this home to our family .  We want to keep them safe .