The Copper Kettle Society

The Copper Kettle Society is named as a tribute to the breakthrough and advancement of anesthesiology.  In 1952, Dr. Lucien E. Morris introduced the Copper Kettle Vaporizer; the first system to permit very fine control over the concentration of volatile anesthetics.  The Copper Kettle Vaporizer introduced a significant improvement in anesthesia machine design and performance. For the first time, the anesthesiologist could precisely control the concentration of volatile anesthetic administered to a patient.

 The Copper Kettle Society pays tribute to individuals and families who have stood behind over a century of excellence in the science of anesthesiology.  Your donation is an investment in the future of this organization and its members.  Donators create a permanent legacy for their families.  Funding broadens and cements the College’s impact on the world and the patients it serves. 

 Without your gift and those that came before, the AOCA would not be as vibrant as it is today. The Copper Kettle Society connects its members to the life of the College and our collective future.  Your gift will help us address the challenges and opportunities in the coming years, the next generation and the future of the science of anesthesiology.

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