Volunteer with AOCA

Volunteers come from all aspects of membership: long-time, brand new; lots of experience, just starting out; veterans, novices; outspoken, soft spoken; with vision, with a desire to help. Now is the time to share with your peers and consider volunteering.

Committee membership offers an opportunity to contribute to the administration, development, and implementation of the College’s programs, products and services, network with fellow colleagues, and become a leader in the College. Members are invited to apply for open committee positions.

To serve on an AOCA Committee, you must be member in good standing and be appointed by the President.

Why Volunteer?

Connect Year-Round with Leaders and Peers

Influence the Direction and Future of the College

Gain Important Leadership Experience

Teach & Learn from Each Other

Build Something to Benefit Anesthesiologists

Earn Points for Fellowship Distinction

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Awards and Honors Committee

Communications Committee

Membership Committee

Professional Education Committee